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MIcompany is an agency specialized in Big Data Analytics with offices in Amsterdam and Tel Aviv. We build Data Analytics capabilities for our customers to create value in over 20 countries. This capability building is done through impact programs in which value is created right from the start.

ClickFox and MIcompany join forces to accelerate development of Customer Journey Analytics

17 Mar 2017Journey data company ClickFox and Data Analytics agency MIcompany are joining forces... read more

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Powerful analytical team MIcompany consists of a team of more than 65 employees with offices in Amsterdam and Tel Aviv. Most of our employees (85%) have a background in Econometrics or Mathematics and belonged to the best of their study. The team is supported through strong ties with top academics from the universities of Rotterdam (Econometrics), Munster (Marketing) Amsterdam (UVA Science Faculty) and Groningen (Marketing).

Leadership Team

Our people


Below you can find a selection of our people.


Marnix is Managing Partner of MIcompany, and an international thought leader in the field of Customer Management, he has extensive experience in building Data Analytics capabilities for the boards of blue chip companies such as, Centraal Beheer, Achmea, Knab, and KPN. He has a Bachelor’s in Mathematics, a Master’s in Computer Science and a PhD in Marketing (2010). read more


About Marnix


Marnix’s passion

Marnix’s real passion is discovering new, surprising growth directions for companies and ensuring that they are enthusiastically presented to their Boards.

Marnix’s values

Albert Einstein said: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” He was right: too much simplicity can kill organizations.

Marnix Enjoys

Looking back after an analytical transformation has begun to deliver results, and to reflect with those involved on the real impact of positive change on individuals and companies.


Martin is Managing Partner of MIcompany and feels passionate about building Data Analytics capabilities at his clients. He beliefs the challenge is “Bottling the magic of Data Analytics”, so companies build up a capability that can scale. To work on that vision, he left McKinsey & Company as a partner, where he oversaw the European hub for Customer Lifecycle Management and the Marketing & Sales Practice in the Benelux. Martin was awarded a MSC in Econometrics from Erasmus University Rotterdam and an MBA from INSEAD. read more


About Martin


Martin’s passion

Martin enjoys helping companies to see the value of leveraging consumer analytics in their day-to-day business. In fact, the fun of discovering new opportunities and cracking complex problems, all while thinking through how a company must change to capture these opportunities, is what makes him tick. Martin also enjoys coaching MIcompany talent to become valuable and responsible leaders.

Martin’s values

Being realistic and ambitious whilst building long-term partnerships. He tries to stay away from naive and fake oversimplifications on the client’s implementation side, while remaining very ambitious on capturing the full impact potential for them. His experience in transformations has convinced him that, with a multi-year time frame, magic can happen. In fact, it often does!

Martin enjoys

Having fun, for example playing football with his friends on a Thursday evening, being at home with his family (wife, four kids and an American Collie), or having drinks and dinner with friends!


Wouter is a Partner at MIcompany, focusing on B2B and consumer goods industries. He has extensive experience in transforming B2B companies, either to gain a competitive edge in their go-to-market approach or to increase their operational efficiency. Wouter has a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering, a Master’s in System & Control Engineering and an MBA from INSEAD. read more


About Wouter


Wouter’s passion

As a child, Wouter had a keen interest in technology and wanted to become an inventor. He likes to figure out how things work. Wouter finds his passion in helping people and organizations to operate smarter by ‘inventing’ differentiating analytics capabilities.

Wouter’s values

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re probably right” – Henry Ford.

Wouter Enjoys

Wouter enjoys doing sports as way to relax, especially in the outdoors (e.g. skiing), reading, and spending time with family and friends.


Roland is partner and specialized in retail and e-commerce. His mission is to let retail analytics play a central role in decision making. “Retailers have so much data, but so few insights in customer behaviour. Retailers that can fuel these insights into their daily routines and develop their own analytical capabilities have great opportunities”. Roland has executive experience in the retail areas of marketing, e-commerce and customer intelligence. He started his career at McKinsey & Company after obtaining a PhD in Chemistry. read more


About Roland


Roland’s passion

Roland loves to translate complexity into solutions with a simple approach to get things done. He is excited by the enormous potential of embedding customer insights in the company DNA and is passionate in translating insights into something meaningful.

Roland’s values

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious” – Albert Einstein

Roland Enjoys

Roland enjoys to travel far and long, ideally off the beaten track. In Amsterdam, Roland loves to sport a lot and spend time with his friends and family with a good glass of wine and some great food.


Rohied is a Partner at MIcompany, specialized in modelling and forecasting. He believes that the exponential development of data represents large potential for new growth. Unlocking this potential will require sophisticated algorithms and modelling, and creative business thinking. He enjoys helping companies to develop this thinking and assisting them in, e.g. predicting customer demand and growth opportunities driven by the Internet-of-Things. Rohied holds an MSc and PhD in astronomy and has a decade of strategy consulting experience. read more


About Rohied


Rohied’s passion

Translating data into insights and discovering fundamental drivers. He is keen on discovering how things work and helping companies using these insights to optimise their operations and to create a competitive edge.

Rohied’s values

Regardless of the underlying complexity you should be able to explain all recommendations and solutions to anybody in the organization.

Rohied Enjoys

Spending time with his family and friends, sports, traveling, and, when the location allows for it, scuba diving.


Geertje is Junior Partner at MIcompany and responsible for MIcompany’s Academy programs. Through these programs, she helps clients take their data analytics capabilities to a new level by developing their employees. From data scientist to CEO. She has been doing this since the foundation of MIcompany in 2006. Geertje has a Masters in Social Psychology, with a specialization in the quantitative and consumer fields. read more


About Geertje


Geertje’s passion

Geertje enjoys inspiring organizations, especially the people within organizations, to see the possibilities of data and analytics in realizing sustainable growth and being able to make data and analytics work for them.

Geertje’s values

Ferran Adrià, one of the world’s greatest chefs, once said “You need an entire life just to know about tomatoes!”. So be curious.

Geertje enjoys

Taking simple ingredients and turning them into something beautiful to eat. It’s like solving an equation and, at the same time, creating something delicious for yourself and other people. And when not cooking, she loves any sport associated with snow, water or endurance.


Folkert is Junior Partner at MIcompany, he is responsible for MIcompany’s Data Discovery Programs and has a specialization in Customer Journey Analytics. His great talent is combining his analytical skills and business sense to translate insights from the longitudinal customer view into actions with tangible impact. Together with his team he helped many major Dutch companies in the fields of Insurance, transport and telecom to transform into a (digital) data driven organization. Folkert holds a Master’s degree in Econometrics and Operations Research. read more


About Folkert


Folkert’s passion

Surprise our customers with innovative insights that exposes new opportunities which were not visible before.

Folkert’s values

Teamwork, fun and impact.

Folkert enjoys

Improving himself in sports, such as running a marathon or cycling the biggest challenge in the French Alpes (La Marmotte).


Arje leads MIcompany’s Israeli office, with the ambition to help senior management of Mediterranean corporates in solving key business challenges by using Data Analytics. He does this with his unique personality; he is a strong, direct, flexible and very well communicative strategist who will always work as hard as needed to get the best results. He often thinks in diverging directions, which leads to novel ideas and great impact. Arje has completed a Master’s degree in Operations Research and Business Econometrics. read more


About Arje


Arje’s passion

Create a real difference at the highest level and teaching, inspiring and motivating others to perform to their best abilities.

Arje’s values

“If you want something you’ve never had, then you’ve got to do somehting you’ve never done.” – Thomas Jefferson

Arje enjoys

Working in a dynamic, young and moving environment, where everybody grows and a real change is created.


Jeroen is Associate Partner of MIcompany and a thought leader in sportmarketing. He combines analytical thinking with extensive experience in commercial strategy in different industries. Based on his knowledge of sportmarketing Jeroen founded MIsportscompany, a specialised unit within MIcompany to analyse and improve ROI on sport sponsorships. Jeroen obtained a master degree in Business Economics at Erasmus University (1997) and a Bachelor degree in Business Administration at Nijenrode University (1994). read more


About Jeroen


Jeroen’s passion

Working together with clients to achieve impact on business results using profound analyses and breakthrough commercial strategies.

Jeroen’s values

Dedication, expertise and teamwork.

Jeroen enjoys

Challenging myself in many different sports, like sailing, tennis, speed skating and cycling.


Tryntsje is Head of Analytical Education, specialized in training (econometrical) methods and techniques. She’s analytical, conscientious, efficient and a great team player who loves to help other people to develop. The passion for Data Analytics started during the study Econometrics in Groningen (2009). Besides being responsible for the quality of the MIacademy-programs, she redesigned the Analytical Talentship Program to a blended program making use of online techniques. She is a certified NOBTRA trainer (TFC Trainersacademie 2014). read more


About Tryntsje


Tryntsje’s passion

First, creating a win-win situation for the companies we work for and their customers. And then sharing her passion for Marketing Intelligence with anyone who will listen and helping other people become great MI-analysts.

Tryntsje’s values

Tryntsje loves sharing her enthusiasm, respect, love, integrity, knowledge and talents with those around her to both improve the working environment and to make a real difference to both her colleagues and clients.

Tryntsje enjoys

Spending quality time with family and friends, playing sports (volleyball in particular), and especially helping other people.


Laura is a senior data scientist with a broad experience in especially the financial sector. She introduced Data Analytics at the start-up Knab, which resulted in exponential growth in 2014. Besides her lead role in Data Analytics transformation programs, she was also in charge of the six week boot camp of the second international class of Aegon with 15 participants from 7 countries ranging from the US to Singapore. She is an enthusiastic team player and loves to work with young, talented people. Laura has a Master’s degree in Mathematics. read more


About Laura


Laura’s passion

She loves building bridges between the world of Data Analytics and its potential in the reality of a business. Translating complex customer insights into a concrete advice and initiatives that transform companies into data driven organizations gives her energy. She believes in combining people’s unique talents to accomplish this.

Laura’s values

Don’t give up too easily! “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela

Laura enjoys

Laura likes to travel to a sunny beach or a snowy slope. She also enjoys nice dinners and drinks with friends and family.


Wynfrith is an enthusiastic and energetic program manager in marketing intelligence. His expertise field is customer based forecasting of financial metrics. With his unique qualities of persistence, he is a key player where marketing meets finance. A specialist in mobile telecoms and assurance, he also has excellent skills in effective visual data communication through enhancing and realising management reports and dashboards. Wynfrith has a Master’s degree in Econometrics, Operations Research and Actuarial Studies (2006), with a Minor in Philosophy. read more


About Wynfrith


Wynfrith’s passion

Using his problem solving abilities to finding drivers of financial metrics by highly beneficial analysis and translating it into management dashboards.

Wynfrith’s values

Ask questions: ‘A prudent question is one half of wisdom.’  –  Francis Bacon

Wynfrith enjoys

Cycling and boot camp. He’ll will never throw in the towel, no matter what!


Helen is an ambitious program manager with a strong sense of responsibility. As a bachelor student Econometrics at the University of Amsterdam, she already began working for MIcompany. During this time Helen helped with many projects and showed the ability to quickly get familiar with new tools and topics. For her Master’s degree in Econometrics (2012) Helen wrote her thesis as an internship at MIcompany where she did research on estimating and predicting techniques for group membership in marketing cases. read more


About Helen


Helen’s passion

Helen really enjoys finding practical solutions to complex problems. Every problem is like a fun puzzle that somehow can be solved, whether it is putting step by step all the pieces together or having the Eureka moment.

Helen’s values

Stay ambitious! “Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.” – Salvador Dali

Helen enjoys

Travelling around the world, exploring countries and especially remote nature areas for bird watching. One of Helen’s dreams is to see all the bird species in the world.


Sven is an expert leader, specialized in marketing effectiveness and responsible for MIcompany’s Advanced Analytics Programs. His talent is to calculate the value effect of all marketing investments, providing companies with hands-on advice how to optimize this effect and reach measurable impact on campaigns and customer interactions. Over the years he’s built up an extensive portfolio of experience in business areas such as retail, finance, transport and telecom. Sven holds a master’s degree in econometrics and operational research. read more


About Sven


Sven’s passion

Creating that special killer insight that makes a project truly stand out. He loves to translate these insights to action that enable both organisations and their people to grow to a higher level.

Sven’s values

Many things in work will catch your eye, but few will catch your heart! So pursue those, and also, never stop trying to hatch new ideas for creating innovative insights out of existing and new data.

Sven enjoys

Celebrating team successes, both at work and at home.


Ilya is an expert leader with a drive to help people and companies to create impact using data science skills. He uses his 9 years of experience in data analytics and problem solving to guide companies to translate data to commercial impact in an efficient way. He quickly adapts to the rapidly evolving data analytics landscape using his background in Econometrics (Cum Laude). In the last years, Ilya has been dedicated to creating impact through our MIacademy training programs.  read more


About Ilya


Ilya’s passion

Ilya enjoys helping people and organizations to achieve impact by finding simple yet powerful solutions to problems.

Ilya’s values

“The important thing is not to stop questioning.” – Albert Einstein.

Ilya enjoys

Dancing, discovering other countries or cultures, and making changes that will help mankind to save its weakening environment.


Lara is an ambitious and dedicated senior analyst, responsible for the 3-year Analytical Talentship Program. With a Master’s degree in Econometrics and years of experience in analytical projects, she decided to become a member of our MIacademy team to combine two of her passions: to make an impact with the power of Data Analytics and to help others live up to their full potential to become the best analysts they can be. read more


About Lara


Lara’s passion

Using Data Analytics to create insights with a lasting impact and using her knowledge to teach others how to do this as well.

Lara’s values

“This is my invariable advice to people: learn to cook – try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all have fun!” – Julia Child

Lara enjoys

Taking on a challenge to learn new things, whether that is to learn everything about machine learning techniques, to cook a perfect Beef Wellington or to bike up a French mountain. And doing all this in the company of people that are important to her.


Samantha is one of the 5 office managers of MIcompany and leads the secretarial team together with her colleague Ingrid. She is responsible for the finance and HR of MIcompany and takes care with her team for the best support for all of the clients, employees, trainees and partners. She studied at Hogeschool Schoevers and has worked for the partners for more than 10 years. read more


About Samantha


Samantha’s passion

Samantha loves being at the heart of the organisation, doing many different things and helping everyone to the best of her abilities. She doesn’t know the meaning of the word “no” and doesn’t rest until a problem is solved. She also likes to keep up to date with everything that’s going on so as to be able to help everyone as much as possible.

Samantha’s values

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I’m possible”!” – Audrey Hepburn

Samantha enjoys

I love to have a good time! Whether it’s doing nice things with my family, playing a game with friends in front of an open fire, eating out or going on a winter sports holiday. It’s all about enjoying life.

Our customers

Selection of MIcompany clients across different sectors:

bol.comDirkDe BijenkorfDekamarkt
KnabABN AMROVan LanschotRabobank
Centraal BeheerFBTOInterpolisAchmea
ShellLeumi CardInteramericanTransamerica
BelastingdienstVSBfondsHet ConcertgebouwVvAA

Our proposition

MIcompany is an agency specialized in Big Data Analytics. We build Data Analytics capabilities for our customers to create value. This capability building is done through impact programs in which value is created right form the start.

‘One of the leading intelligence firms in Europe’ – American market study

Our values


Realising impact for our customers is a core value in all services of MIcompany. Impact can be defined as revenue, margin, customer loyalty, and customer satisfaction – or a combination of these metrics. Moreover, we believe that even capability building should be driven by impact. Although we are very passionate about Data & Analytics – see our other core value – it is nothing more or less than a very powerful instrument; hence we don’t believe for example that the creation of data lakes for organisations can be a goal itself. Furthermore, we challenge our own assignments – both internally and externally – to have an ROI of at least 10, which means that the value is created for our customers is at least 10 times higher than our fees.



Sustainability is a core value for MIcompany in three ways:

  1. We want to create sustainable impact; hence, we measure our impact not only in terms of revenue and EBIT, but also in terms of created customer lifetime value.
  2. We aim to balance Value created to the Firm (V2F) with Value created to the Customer (V2C).
  3. We build capabilities within organisations that enable them to identify and realise opportunities with Data Analytics themselves.

In that way, we are not a typical consultancy. We believe and have a passion in building h3 Data Analytics organisations.



Knowledge transfer and the development of skills are both part of all our assignments and a separate service line of MIcompany; because we believe teaching is a profession, we opened – together with the foundation of MIcompany – our own Data Analytics school: The Marketing Intelligence Academy (MIacademy). In this school data scientists and business managers are trained, as well as our own employees.



With Data Analytics, new value streams for companies can be identified and captured. Both the identification and capturing require entrepreneurship. This entrepreneurship is demonstrated in our programs by our analytical skills to distinguish big from small opportunities by our creative skills to translate opportunities to initiatives, and our execution skills to implement these initiatives.


Passion for Data Analytics

A deeply held passion for Data Analytics is the starting point for everybody working for MIcompany. We love data and our heartbeat increases when we can explore new data sources that can improve our analyses and models. It is our strength to extract data from all kind of systems and devices and translate this data to enrich longitudinal customer views, which can be used for advanced modelling and identify opportunities. On the other hand, we are also a little disabled without data. We aren’t Powerpoint consultants.


Our Amsterdam office


Our Tel Aviv office

In September 2015 MIcompany has opened it second office, in Tel-Aviv. From this office MIcompany serves its Mediterranean client – in and around Israel.


The internationalization of MIcompany

Martin Heijnsbroek, managing partner: “In the past few years MIcompany has seen a substantial growth in international requests for support in building the data & analytics capabilities within companies”. This demand has resulted in assignments in over 20 countries – ranging from North America to Asia – in recent years.


Israel is right in the heart of data technology innovations

Israel is a fast evolving technological hub, with record breaking innovation and the most high-tech start-ups per capita in the world. MIcompany recognizes these opportunities to strengthen both its innovative proposition and its analytical team. Moreover, with an office in Israel MIcompany is one step closer to its international clients around the Mediterranean and the rest of the world.


Together with our strategic partner Shaldor Strategy Consulting, we are keen to help local companies with their Data Strategy and capabilities challenges.

Contact us


MIcompany works for the board of blue chip companies in more than 20 countries. For these companies we identify significant growth opportunities and build analytical capabilities. Let us present some examples to you categorized in our four key services:

Discovery & Impact

Case - KnabBuilding exponential growth with Data Analytics at a start-up

read more

Knab was founded in 2012 on the belief that things had to change in the financial world. Therefore an innovative online bank with a fixed price proposition was introduced. The expected traction from the market, however, did not take place in the first 1.5 years since going live. To make a change Knab transformed in 2014 to an organisation driven by the power of Data Analytics. As a result the weekly net growth accelerated exponentially and the number of fee paying customers multiplied by ten within only one year. Click on the article to read more.


Case - NSLeveraging Big Data to make

your customers happy

read more

In January 2011 the customers of the NS had suffered from serious waiting times and cancelled trains. This was now the second winter in a row, where management was forced to embark on a series of crisis interventions that would limit the damage done to their customers. Besides launching a taskforce to improve the winter-resistance of the rail network, the NS asked itself the question: “how can we more structurally monitor and improve on the drivers of the experience of our customers?”. Management was convinced that the answer to that question was hidden in the very large sets of operational and marketing data available. And that through uncovering the answer, the NS would be able to continuously optimize the investments for the experience of the customer base. The approach that was developed lead to considerable impact and was selected as one of the five finalists of the global Gary Lillien Marketing Prize in 2016. Click on the article to read more.


Case - InSharedWhat do your customers secretly tell you about how to treat them?

read more

In 2009, InShared was founded. As a new player in the Dutch insurance market, the mission of InShared was to distinguish itself from other insurers by building a fully online operating company. In cooperation with MIcompany, InShared used the power of Data Analytics to understand how to create value by learning from the behavior of their customers. Click on the article to read more.


Case - Centraal Beheer & VSB fondsCreating value along your

customer journey

read more

With the proliferation of digital channels, there is more and more information about customer needs and their attention. This information provides for the first time the data to monitor the full journey a customer goes through. Now, we can even understand the behavior of a potential customer before they make a purchase. Or, understand their post-purchase behavior: in terms of usage or product evaluation. Recently, VSBfonds and MIcompany identified an opportunity to increase the yearly turnover of the biggest theatres in the Netherlands by more than 100%. While very significant in terms of impact potential, there are also important pitfalls when opportunities are not linked with value creation. By understanding how value creation occurs throughout a customer’s entire journey, companies will get actionable and targeted insights for real impact. As such, they will be able to better identify how to intervene in their customers’ journeys. Click on the article to read more.


CaseThe analytics imperative for consumer goods companies

read more

The coming 5 years, the world of consumer goods is going to turn up-side-down. The old paradigm of large scale product push is now – finally – evolving towards a more personalized, consumer-driven pull model. All driven by changes in technology and consumer behavior. Consumer goods companies will increasingly engage with consumers directly through digital channels. This is not only about cutting out the middle man. This is about transitioning towards becoming truly consumer driven: serving individual customers to their unique needs and preferences, building direct relationships with recurring interaction and creating new value in unprecedented ways. Capitalizing on this opportunity requires a new set of non-trivial capabilities powered by big Data Analytics. Click on the article to read more.

Data & Technology

Case - NaspersHundred measures of liquidity – slaying the multi-headed dragon of St George

read more


Becoming a world-wide leader in a fast growing business often relies on the acquisition of local champions. In addition, building a sustainable growth path requires careful balancing of fostering local entrepreneurship with central optimization. One of the key challenges that we encounter in the field of Big Data is how to build a global Business Intelligence (BI) and Data infrastructure. This also applied to Naspers’ OLX Group: how could a central ‘one source of the truth’ be established that is understood and adopted across all regions and countries? In a period of 6 months, the OLX Group – together with MIcompany – successfully developed a steering framework and a robust and scalable central BI infrastructure that was adopted across regions. This article describes the approach taken and shares our reflections on lessons learnt. Click on the article to read more.


Case - Het Concertgebouw & De DoelenDriving loyalty of your audience through technology in the cultural sector

read more


Recently, MIcompany analyzed the customer behavior of five theaters (and concert halls) over a period of three years. From this research – initiated by VSBfonds – it appeared that the loyalty of audiences to a great extent determines the success of the theaters. Moreover, using the power of Data Analytics proved to lead to a significant increase in this loyalty. MIcompany, together with VSBfonds, designed the Cultural Analytical Suite (CAS) to continue to harness this opportunity. This article explains the working of the CAS and its possible applications. Click on the article to read more.


Case - KnabDriving customer engagement with the Banking Analytical Suite

read more


In 2014, Knab realised an exponential growth in their number of customers by using the power of Data Analytics.[1] After this success, there was a strong wish in the organisation to continue this fact-based steering and spread it throughout the organisation. Therefore, the Analytical Suite of MIcompany—a standardised analytical environment where the value development of customers can be followed, predicted and evaluated—was customised for Knab in 2015. The resulting Banking Analytical Suite helps Knab to focus on their customers’ needs, even with a rapidly expanding customer base. It is used by different disciplines within the organisation, including finance, marketing, service, sales, and last but not least, Knab’s board. The different modules make it possible to follow customers’ development from different functional angles, supporting fact-based decisions in all these departments. This results in a continuation of growth and an active and satisfied customer base.[2] Click on the article to read more.

Metrics & Models

Case - Booking.comHow leverages its online data to get grip on the customer service workload forecast

read more


Handling a million bookings per day in more than 40 languages. is the global market leader in the travel industry, handling over a million bookings per day. To optimize the way it handles the millions of customer interactions per day, is well known to be one of the innovators in using Big Data Analytics. The recommendations you get as a customer, the web-site design and functionality, has all been optimized using the data available. A critical customer interaction platform is the Customer Service centre, since many customers or prospects still have a need to interact over the phone or mail. Weekly, has to handle more than a million questions, requests and complaints. To do so, the Customer Service (CS) centre consists of thousands of FTE of CS agents speaking 43 different languages. All of these agents need to be planned and scheduled properly. The question is how. Click on the article to read more.


Case - DirkImproving the results of your promotions through insights in customer behavior

read more


Promotions are for supermarkets one of the most important marketing instruments. The promotion revenue in the Dutch supermarket sector each year is well over € 5 billion, which accounts for almost 15% of the total Dutch supermarket revenue of € 35 billion. Every week hundreds of product promotions are offered in various supermarkets. Promotions affect each other and also have a strong influence on the sales of other products. Despite the huge amount of promotion revenue, only a small number of retailers – and also few suppliers – have a detailed, full insight in the net result of their promotions. Until recently, this also applied to Dirk. However, in 2016 Dirk established a data analysis suite together with MIcompany. This suite can be used to follow the behavior of individual customers before, during and after the promotions. In the following article we will explain how Dirk makes the different effects of promotions visible, and improves the promotions results through analyzing their customer behavior. Click on the article to read more.


Case - InteramericanAdvanced lifetime modelling to value customers in a multiproduct environment

read more


There is no industry in which value steering is so key as in the insurance industry. This is caused by the high cost of risk in this sector combined with the steep distribution between customers. However, value modelling at the customer level is very complex, driven by strong differences in customer behavior between and within business lines. As a result the majority of insurers currently steers on the margin per product. This means that differences in loyalty (lifetime) and the interaction effects between different products of a customer aren’t adequately addressed in the valuation of customers. To overcome this, an overarching lifetime model is needed which gives accurate lifetime predictions on a customer level taking all information into account. In this article it is described which model is capable of creating such advanced lifetime predictions, which challenges may arise when building it and how a customer lifetime model can create value within organisations. Click on the article to read more.


CaseThe next step in evolution: why algorithms will change the ancient art of setting your price

read more


From the dawn of trading, setting the best price for a product has been a skill that many have tried to master. Already in biblical times, merchants and their customers spent a lot of time bargaining before closing a deal; merchants tried to get a maximal profit out of a sale, while their customers tried to find the best deal for their purchase. In the renaissance era, supply and demand of early markets determined the prices of various kinds of spices from all over the world. Supply was low and came with high costs due to long and dangerous trading routes, while exclusivity of spices ensured a high demand. Merchants used this to sell their spices at high prices, thereby creating a high profit margin for themselves. Click on the article to read more.


CaseImproving financial forecast through customer behavior data – Telecom Provider

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Many listed and non-listed companies are ruled by forecasts about their revenue and profits. But significant deviations between forecasts and reality are extremely common. These deviations can have severe consequences on a company’s stock price, its brand image, and its workforce. MIcompany discovered that these forecasts can be improved relatively easily by using more granular data and more advanced forecasting methods. Based on this breakthrough, MIcompany developed a forecasting methodology that strongly improves the financial forecasts of organisations. This article describes the first implementation of this methodology for a mobile telecom operator. Click on the article to read more.

People & Organisation

Case - AEGONBuilding global Data Analytics competencies at Aegon

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To almost all organisations today, it is obvious that they must do something about utilizing Data Analytics. Discussions no longer center on why you should (the answer by the way: because companies using Data Analytics consistently outperform their competition. See Figure 1) but focus on how companies should go about this utilization. The key? Focus on analytical talent and analytical competence building. We will explain why. And illustrate the effectiveness of this focus through the approach Aegon took to building their analytical capabilities. Click on the article to read more.


Case - bol.comBuilding management skills to benefit from Data Analytics

read more pioneered in shaping the Dutch online market and has become one of the strongest retail brands.’s leading position has been fueled by the powerful capabilities of the Data Analytics teams, built up by Jens Waaijers and developed in partnership with MIcompany. Over the last years, new analytics capabilities have resulted in the ability to better service both the customer and the business teams. However, the strong growth in categories and category teams has led to fragmentation and different ways of working, as customer interaction is managed with some degree of freedom for the teams themselves. To address this challenge, Jens developed a vision on becoming 100% fact-based within the entire organization. In order to support in reaching this goal, MIcompany was asked to tailor its’ existing commercial analytics foundation program to the needs. The resulting Analytical Masterclass (BAM) was rolled out to all category teams after a successful pilot to create more impact with Data Analytics. In this article we describe the approach, program set up, results and our reflections. Click on the article to read more.


Case - PONBuilding the Data Analytics capability at global industrial group

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Pon is a global diversified trading and service organisation active in 9 different industry sectors, ranging from passenger cars, tires and bicycles to power generation and material handling. A common thread across all Pon’s businesses is that they are built on strong brands and operate with a strong amount of autonomy and entrepreneurial spirit. This thread traces back to Pon’s entrepreneurial roots and is also reflected in its core cultural values. For example, Pon employees are ‘trusted to act’ and share a ‘passion to perform’. Pon has yearly revenues of over 6 billion euro and is now operating more than 80 companies across the world. Click on the article to read more.


Case - AchmeaSteering operating units to growth through managing on customer value

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In 2013 Achmea was facing continued impact from an unstable global economy. Whilst retaining a home market leadership position for Motor and Health, the overall insurance market in the Netherlands was shrinking. Evolving customer demands and new entrants were challenging the pricing and distribution model, placing significant pressure on the sustainable growth strategy of Achmea. To balance the impending risks faced in the home market, it was key that Achmea’s international division started to become a profitable growth pillar for the business. With 5 operating businesses (OpCo’s) in Greece, Turkey, Slovakia, Ireland and Australia the management team of DI needed to create speed for growth; growth that was profitable and with high customer satisfaction. Click on the article to read more.


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ClickFox and MIcompany join forces to... 17 Mar 2017

Journey data company ClickFox and Data Analytics agency MIcompany are joining forces to change the way in which businesses analyze data in order to help them gain more value using Customer Journey Analytics. ClickFox will partner with MIcompany in launching the Data Technology Academy to develop world-class data and analytics skills to capture value from journey analytics. MIcompany will partner with ClickFox for journey analytics implementation on their platform and enrichment with custom analytical apps.


Building data analytical competencies to unlock the value in customer journey data

Marco Pacelli, Chief Executive Officer of ClickFox: “We provide tools that gives businesses insights into the journey customers undertake while buying and using products and services. These insights are invaluable to improve customer experience and optimize business operations. Given the vast amount of data that is often scattered across the enterprise, however, this is a formidable challenge requiring advanced technology, data and analytics skills. With MIcompany we have found the partner to help us build exactly these capabilities at our clients as well as in our teams. The Data Technology Academy we are partnering in is a unique proposition that combines our customer journey technology with the experience of MIcompany in building data analytical capabilities.”


Customer Journey Analytics as the new field in big data

Marnix Bügel, founding partner of MIcompany: “The next breakthrough in Big Data Analytics I believe will be driven by customer journey data. In particular, the exponentially growing touch point data and granularity with which ClickFox makes this available, opens up a whole new field in big data. That is why I’m so excited about our partnership. By combining ClickFox’ journey data expertise and their big data platform with our experience in building data analytics capabilities, based on customer journey analytics we can help our clients to create more value.”


About ClickFox

ClickFox offers a one of a kind big data platform and a suite of solutions that enable enterprises to get the most value out of each customer interaction across all channels. Based on a unique data infrastructure and algorithms, the platform connects all customer touch point data to reveal end-to-end customer journeys. It provides teams with the data and tools to discover opportunities to improve key business drivers such as customer satisfaction and churn customer and business operations. Using the ClickFox platform, our Fortune 500 clients have gained insights that have led to $billions in savings and revenue.


About MIcompany

MIcompany is a leading agency in Data Analytics with offices in Amsterdam and Tel Aviv. MIcompany’s purpose is to build Data Analytics capabilities with and for her clients. Our underlying belief is that sustainable impact can only be achieved when companies step-up their internal capabilities. In the field of opportunity identification and impact capture, but also in terms of advanced modelling, technology and – maybe most importantly – the skills of their people.
To be able to do this, MIcompany has her own educational institute, the MIacademy, and a technology team to implement advanced analytical models in business systems and to develop analytical apps. The MIcompany team consists of 65 employees today and expanded her operations across more than 20 countries over the last few years.


For more information


Building management skills at to... 3 Feb 2017

MIcompany is now also ISAE3402 Type II... 1 Feb 2017

Last month, MIcompany obtained the ISAE3402 Type II certificate. This International Standard for Assurance Engagements (ISAE3402) certification states that MIcompany has verifiable control over all risks involving her IT and internal processes. The certification was granted by an independent auditor, AuditConnect, without any remarks, apparently a rare achievement.


MIcompany has always had strict policies to guarantee the continuity, integrity and security of her data analysis services. Last year, MIcompany was granted the ISAE3402 Type I certification. In it, AuditConnect concluded that MIcompany’s Way of Working framework complies with the requirements of ISAE3402 Type I. Last month, AuditConnect audited MIcompany for the Type II certification in a multi-day audit, aimed at investigating the processes within MIcompany. Furthermore, a penetration test was performed on the MIcompany’s datacenter. Based on the audit and the test, the auditor concluded that MIcompany has proven to correctly adhere to her Way of Working over the last six months.


This certification is especially important with regard to the private cloud solution which MIcompany offers her customers, also known as Analytics As A Service (AAAS). In AAAS, MIcompany offers a specialized Analytical Suite to her clients, which includes periodic data updates. This proprietary suite gives managers the possibility to extract insights of the most recent customer data and to monitor and forecast the value development of their customer base. The suite also offers the possibility to forecast the value development through models, and to influence it. We are very proud that this formal recognition allows us to offer our clients even more certainty in trusting us with their data.


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Building exponential growth with Data Analytics at a start-up

Driving loyalty of your audience through technology

Image of our workplace: MIcompany – BusinessCribs (in Dutch)

VSBfonds – Fact Based Marketing (in Dutch)


MIcompany’s mission is to deliver sustainable growth through analytics, a mission that materializes through our two service lines:  Discovery and Your Analytics.  We believe in partnering with our clients to support them in discovering new growth opportunities and to build their analytical capabilities (people, tools and deep expertise) to capture these opportunities.

Discovery and Your Analytics: together they make the difference to make you grow.

Analytical Suite

The Analytical Suite is our workbench to monitor and predict value creation on a monthly basis. Consisting of a large number of standardised metrics and diagnostics, it gives companies unique monthly insights from which opportunities can be derived. The Suite is fed monthly with market and customer data, making it possible to follow value creation at both a individual customer level as well as for specific cohorts over time. The Analytical Suite is used by the boards of blue chip companies to improve the performance of their business units, labels and countries.

Our academy

MIacademy is our very own school for Big Data and Commercial analytics. We offer development programs for three different target groups: Analysts; Management and Marketing; and Executives.
For analysts starting their career in the analytical field we have a unique three-year training program: the Analytical Talentship program. Experienced analysts can take the opportunity to follow our one-year program to develop leadership skills in analytics: the Analytical Leadership Program. We also offer a range of courses for specific analysts, such as database marketers, market researchers and BI specialists. These analysts can follow an entire course program or choose selected modules out of the MIacademy course catalogue. If you would like to receive your own personal copy of the catalogue, please contact us.
For management and marketing we offer the Commercial Analytics Foundation Program, aimed at creating awareness and understanding of the possibilities and limitations of analytics, and its applications in strategy and marketing. For executives there are special programs aimed at understanding how to capture value from data and analytics from an executive perspective. A similar (part of the) program is given at Insead in half a day. Our trainers are a unique mix of top practitioners and academics including the partners of MIcompany.
Please contact us for more information at
An overview of the development programs offered by MIacademy is showed in the image next to this artikel.


Analytical Talentship Program

The three-year Analytical Talentship program contains all the essential tools to translate analytical talent to impactful advice. The program starts with a six week intensive Bootcamp. Here the participants learn how to apply important analytical methods and techniques to different business cases from the Commercial Analytics work field. Participants master the complete process from understanding a business question to translating the discovered insights into an actionable presentation. Focus is on developing the following skills:

  • Conducting intakes and translating the business question to an analysis question
  • Transforming and analysing (Big) Data
  • Translating data output to business insights
  • Transforming business insights into actionable advice
  • Developing presentation and story lining skills to translate advice into action

After the Bootcamp, participants work on their knowledge and analytical skills by training modules so that they can become a commercial analytics expert. In these modules opportunity identification processes, advanced modelling techniques and advisory skills are mastered. Business and analytical skills are applied and enhanced in the three-month internship at different companies or Business units. After 1,5 year the second part of the program starts in which analysts can choose the field in which they want to intensify their expertise with the aid of optional modules. At the end, in another three month internship participants will have full responsibility for their own project, so that they can demonstrate the complete skills learned in the Analytical Talentship program.
After completion of the program, participants will be rewarded with a certification.


Commercial Analytics Foundation Program

The Commercial Analytics Foundation program teaches professionals in marketing and management and all those working with analysts and analytical output, how to use analytics and data to improve their business results. Participants are trained in an eight-day program on the basics of commercial analytics and data, implementing structured opportunity finding and translating opportunities into initiatives, knowledge of the most important metrics and their make-up, and how to structure and visualize their business results. Through the program, participants learn how to ask the right analytical questions of the analists in the organisation, and how to interpret the analytical answers they get. Participants receive a certificate upon successful completion of the final exam. MIacademy also offers an Commercial Analytics Advanced program in two parts, where participants build further on their Foundation program.


Programs for Executives

Programs for executives and senior management are aimed at understanding how to capture value from (Big) Data and analytics in compact 1 to 2,5 day programs. Executives learn how to master data foundation, how to capture business opportunities, how to develop targeted initiatives and how to best invest in a data driven and factbased culture. Participants learn how analytics can drive strategy and performance management and why building distinctive organisational capabilities is key to creating sustainable growth for the business. Programs are adapted to suit the needs of your specific organisation while providing you with a solid base in commercial analytics and best practices as inspiration.


MIacademy is CRKBO registered.

Click here for the MIacademy complaint procedure.

Analytical Desk

Companies can subscribe to the Analytical Desk for highly specialized analytical support. While we believe in building the analytical capabilities of our customers themselves, we see an additional need to access deep and specialized analytical expertise. To give you a flavour of what we do in our fast growing and proliferating Analytical Desk, here are some illustrations of how we provide our customers with specialised support:

  • For digital companies we support the development and maintenance of matching and next-product-to-buy algorithms.
  • For our gaming and gambling operators we calculate win-chances for lotteries
  • For our Telco customers we develop and maintain forecasting tools that are based on forecasting the development of individual customer behaviour
  • For many customers we provide support in calculating the ROI of their campaigns.


Breakthrough in sports marketing

MIcompany is the market leader when it comes to commercial analytics, and works with Dutch clients such as KPN, Nuon, NS and the Postcodeloterij to achieve sustainable growth through analytics. Thanks to the close partnership between MIcompany and MIsportscompany, we are able to bundle our expertise in the fields of sports marketing, analytics and commercial strategy. This allows us to achieve real breakthroughs in making potential measurable, and in increasing the effects of sports marketing.


Applying reason to sports marketing

MIsportscompany’s mission is to use sports marketing to demonstrably improve companies’ positions in the market. These days, decisions whether or not to use sports marketing are too often founded on irrational reasoning. Quantitative insight into how sponsoring can contribute to marketing and sales goals is lacking in many cases.


To solve this problem, MIsportscompany developed the ‘MIsports ROI model© which is used to calculate the potential impact and the effects of sports marketing on customer value, brands and sales. Thanks to this model and our extensive experience, we are able to provide support to companies to help them use sports marketing effectively.


For more info, visit the website:

Data integration

Data integration is the first stop in our Discovery journeys with clients.  We are proud that we are fast, pragmatic and skillful in handling terrabytes of data.  We believe that creating an integrated view on the customer is a first step in discovering new fields of opportunities.  Therefore to integrate customer data and enrich with new metrics like customer value and predicted behavior is a necessary and often a very high impact step in the journey to growth.


As a side note, we have no ties with IT companies.  We seldom advice our customers to invest in or implement a new data-mart or customer warehouse solution.  To the opposite, in Discovery journeys we aim to help our clients to use the data better that they have access to, and to fundamentally learn how to uncover opportunities hidden in the seas of data.

Opportunity identification

The second stop in our Discovery journey is to discover opportunities for growth.  We apply our business sense, cross-industry experience, and intuition to uncover quick-win opportunities. Believing in methodology and structure, we apply our proprietary diagnostics to uncover even more opportunities.  Managing the feeling of getting overwhelmed, we provide focus for the next year through sizing and ranking new growth opportunities.


To give you a flavor of how we do this, we use five lenses for our diagnostics:

  1. De-averaging.  Understanding at a more granular level the performance and value creation in the customer base (for example understanding the distribution of customer value in a segment or cohort group).  Often we simplify insights by conducting statistical clustering techniques and showing the differences by segment that the customer data reveal.
  2. Value flow development.  Diagnosing the flows in customer base that drive the customer value (for instance inflow, cross-sell, deep-sell, etc.).
  3. ROI calculation.  Estimating the value creation of campaigns, products or channels, recognizing changes in revenues and lifetime, and specific investments.
  4. Value to the Customer.  Understanding how the end-customer perceives a company and the way to deliver their value proposition.  Our proprietary DCPI methodology (see the annual DCPI awards on the NEWS section) combines both the value to the customer and the value to the firm.
  5. Policy assessment.  Making the customer engagement transparent in assessing all policies in their contribution to the financial value of the customer and the value creation to the customer.


Did you know that our Discovery leadership team is the most experienced team in the Netherlands to uncover opportunities? Challenge us, we often say…

Commercial initiatives

The difference between knowing and doing is often big.  Being driven by impact, we help companies to move opportunities to launching commercial initiatives.  We feel comfortable to handle multiple roles, as long we build on our analytical edge.

For instance, we support transformation programs through our expertise on analytical pricing, marketing ROI, call-center analytics, predictive modeling (e.g. next-product-to-buy algorithms), and campaign optimization.  Often we guide marketing teams by providing raw analytical horse-power and data-mining capabilities.


We offer fresh graduates two distinct career opportunities:

  • MIcompany: Join as (technical) data analyst. You join an extremely talented and ambitious team environment in which you will get a very steep learning curve in the field of analytics and leadership. At MIcompany we constantly challenge you to beat your own expectations.
  • MIacademy Analytical Talentship: You join one of our partner clients as a fresh data analyst and enroll in a 3-year training program with MIcompany. You develop into an all-round analytical advisor and get the opportunity to create tangible impact within an organization from day 1.

MIcompany and our Academy program

Driving business impact from Data Analytics

Our proposition towards our customers is that we drive for real business value and support them in building their own in-house Data Analytics capabilities. To realize this bold ambition, our team and the analysts of our MIacademy partner organizations are trained in a rare skill set that combines 4 different disciplines.


First, Data & Technology skills: working with large data sets on (Big) Data environments. This ranges from essential old-school SQL coding skills to developing data solutions in Python.


Second, Analytical Methods & Techniques. Derive impactful insights from analyzing past data, but also statistics, predictive modeling and machine learning. Coding in analytical packages such as R.


Third, Business Domain Acumen. This involves the business sense required to understand how analytics can drive value in a particular domain: ranging from optimizing supply chains through better demand forecasting to optimizing marketing tactics. Being able to distinguish opportunities that sound sexy but do not really make a difference from the ones that drive value at scale.


Fourth, Advisory & Leadership Skills. Having the personal impact to drive real change and impact in a business environment. Knowing how to most effectively convey insights from analytics and build an impactful story that sticks and drives change in an organization.


Even before the term Big Data was introduced, we worked with huge amounts of data. We are constantly looking for opportunities to innovate, both in the analytical techniques and their application in a business context. Our expertise led to long term relationships with successful national and international companies like, Achmea, KPN, and Het Concertgebouw.


We believe in building capabilities of young analytical talent

We love to work with young talented people. To transform them into successful data scientists, it is crucial to focus on personal development. We offer a unique 3-year training program (Analytical Talentship) to starting analysts both from MIcompany and our partner clients.  Through this progam, combined with on-the-job coaching, you will develop an all-round analytical skillset that is unique in the market.
Do you have the analytical X-factor we or one of our MIacademy partners are looking for? We would like to hear from you!


Take a look at our vacancies, read the FAQ’s and look at our upcoming events! Any other questions or you want to have coffee at our office to learn more about working in the field of Data Analytics? Contact us via


Analytical Talentship
MIacademy Analyst DRG
MIacademy Analyst Van Lanschot
MIacademy Analyst ABN AMRO
MIacademy Analyst Caiway
MIacademy Customer Intelligence Analyst Knab

Data Analyst
Technical Analyst
Student Employee / Trainee
Intern Tel Aviv

MIacademy Analyst Detailresult Group (DRG)

Since 2006, MIacademy has been helping leading organizations to build their analytics capabilities. With our unique 3-year Analytical Talentship Program, we develop young analysts to become experts in the field of Data Analytics. To satisfy the growing demand for Data Scientists, we are now also recruiting new talent for the teams of MIacademy’s partner organizations. Data Analytics talents who are hired through MIacademy’s recruitment program, will be assured of participation in our recently renewed Analytical Talentship Program. The program, which will account for 15% of your working hours, intensively integrates different domains within Data Analytics, and combines theory with hands-on experience in analyzing (customer) data from different organizations.


Detailresult Group (DRG)

The Detailresult Group (DRG) is a family company with the labels Dirk and Dekamarkt. DRG, a strategic MIcompany partner, aims at being the data analytics front runner in the Retail market. In order to do so, they have taken important steps over the past years. Building their own data analytics capability is therefore a central theme in the DRG strategy.


DRG wishes to build her own, MIacademy educated, team of analysts starting this year. These analysts play a crucial role in further improving the weekly promotions, the daily price changes and the shop assortment. As an analyst, you are closely involved with the business and the analytics team is an integral part of the commercial department.


We are looking for the firsts analysts who wish to start (or further) their career at DRG and who will be supported and trained by MIcompany. We are therefore looking for an entrepreneurial analyst who can familiarize him- or herself in a commercial environment and who enjoys taking a pragmatic approach to solving complex and actual business and analytical problems. Together with the other to be recruited analysts you will set-up the DRG analytics department.


Application form

MIacademy Analyst Van Lanschot

Since 2006, MIacademy has been helping leading organizations to build their analytics capabilities. With our unique 3-year Analytical Talentship Program, we develop young analysts to become experts in the field of Data Analytics. To satisfy the growing demand for Data Scientists, we are now also recruiting new talent for the teams of MIacademy’s partner organizations. Data Analytics talents who are hired through MIacademy’s recruitment program, will be assured of participation in our recently renewed Analytical Talentship Program. The program, which will account for 15% of your working hours, intensively integrates different domains within Data Analytics, and combines theory with hands-on experience in analyzing (customer) data from different organizations.


Van Lanschot

Van Lanschot is the oldest independent private bank in the Netherlands, founded in 1737. Active in private banking, asset management and merchant banking, Van Lanschot focuses on building and preserving wealth for her clients. Private banking, asset management and merchant banking are areas in which they excel and in which van Lanschot stands out for her personal service, expertise and experience.


Van Lanschot is looking for the first analysts to kick-start (or further) their career at Van Lanschot and who will be supported and trained through MIcompany’s Academy programs. We are looking for smart analysts who are able to turn a data-rich environment into results and who can advise Van Lanschot on the course to take based on analytics. You will use your deep data and technology and analytical skills to make smart analyses and translating these into insights and advice which you can transfer to the business. You will start within the Evi team, Van Lanschots’ online bank. Your challenge will be to identify opportunities for Evi using all the data available on customer behavior, online and offline. You pro-actively determine the effectiveness of actions and make recommendations for the management team.


Application form

MIacademy Analyst ABN AMRO

Since 2006, MIacademy has been helping leading organizations to build their analytics capabilities. With our unique 3-year Analytical Talentship Program, we develop young analysts to become experts in the field of Data Analytics. To satisfy the growing demand for Data Scientists, we are now also recruiting new talent for the teams of MIacademy’s partner organizations. Data Analytics talents who are hired through MIacademy’s recruitment program, will be assured of participation in our recently renewed Analytical Talentship Program. The program, which will account for 15% of your working hours, intensively integrates different domains within Data Analytics, and combines theory with hands-on experience in analyzing (customer) data from different organizations.



ABN AMRO needs no introduction to most people. ABN AMRO services retail, private banking and corporate banking clients with a primary focus on the Dutch market and selective activities abroad. Customers in the Netherlands are offered a complete products and services package through omni-distribution channels, including advanced mobile applications and internet banking solutions.


As a strategic MIcompany partner, several ABN AMRO analytical talents have joined MIcompany’s Academy programs in the past years. ABN AMRO is looking for more talents to further strengthen their analytical team. You will work in a team of ambitious analytical talents, where you will analyze what customers find attractive and important by creating insight in their behavior and needs. You will need to translate the insights you gain from the multitude of data into concrete applications to improve ABN AMRO’s service to her customers. The opportunities you see will be turned into action and results.


Your function is diverse: you will make solicited and unsolicited analyses on a broad range of subjects spanning the full width of ABN AMRO products and services. You will encounter many different colleagues, from Marketing, Products and Customer Service to name a few. A hugely rich data set and advanced tooling are at your disposal. You work closely with strategy consultants, business developers, marketeers, database marketeers, webmarketeers and communication specialists. You will find yourself in a professional environment with everything you need to ensure effective fact-based marketing. There is an abundance of future prospects within the company.


Application form

MIacademy Analyst Caiway

Since 2006, MIacademy has been helping leading organizations to build their analytics capabilities. With our unique 3-year Analytical Talentship Program, we develop young analysts to become experts in the field of Data Analytics. To satisfy the growing demand for Data Scientists, we are now also recruiting new talent for the teams of MIacademy’s partner organizations. Data Analytics talents who are hired through MIacademy’s recruitment program, will be assured of participation in our recently renewed Analytical Talentship Program. The program, which will account for 15% of your working hours, intensively integrates different domains within Data Analytics, and combines theory with hands-on experience in analyzing (customer) data from different organizations.



Caiway is the fastest growing internet- and telecom company in the Netherlands. In their own words: “Caiway is personal and human. Customer centricity is our main focus. We do what we promise. If something isn’t working, we fix it. By listening to each other, the customer and by thinking in solutions. We are small, accessible and approachable. From the customer contact center up to the CEO. We work hard. Together with the best professionals. We exceed the expectations of our clients and our competition (the ‘big boys’) through big ambitions and the best offering. But mostly, we are a team. We are proud. We are us.”


Caiway is facing a number of challenges which they hope to tackle with a strong data analytics team. These are:

  • Fiber in the entire outer area of the Netherlands 500.000 households
  • To remain THE Fiber market leader and the 3rd party in the Netherlands
  • Deploy target group focused marketing
  • To gain deep customer understanding through data
  • To predict customer behaviour


We are looking for a second analyst to start at Caiway and be supported and trained through MIcompany’s Academy programs. The first analyst has recently been hired. Together with her you will work on solving the challenges of Caiway through data and analytics. You operate in a small team, in an approachable culture and you will frequently present your findings and advice on the way forward to the CEO.


Application form

MIacademy Customer Intelligence Analyst Knab

Knab was founded in 2012 as the first online bank in the Netherlands. With the mindset that things can and should change in the financial world, they have already welcomed more than 100.000 customers. More than 91% of the customers are satisfied with Knab. In a world that moves more and more to a digital world, service and customer experience are the main priorities.


To wait and see is not an option. The whole financial sector will look completely different in a few years. Developments in the FinTech world move quickly and Knab needs to keep moving, or even better: be ahead! Knab will transform in the near future from an online bank to a financial platform. Similar to, but then for financial products.


As Customer Intelligence Analyst you analyse all the data of Knab and external sources and you’ll apply advanced analytics skills that result in fact based insights and algorithms which give direction to Knab. This could involve for example campaigns, customer value and other prediction models, product development, pricing, customer processes and distribution. Thanks to your insights we have a full picture of what customers find important and attractive, how we can optimise our processes and prices, but also how to identify fraud quickly. In a growing data analytics team you work together with different parts of the business (marketing, sales, pricing, finance, operations) and with the various start-ups of Knab. You will be able to translate the insights from the business to impact.


Application form

Data Analyst

Wij zoeken:

  • Jonge afgestudeerde academici. Analytisch, nieuwsgierig en leergierig. Met passie voor het oplossen van complexe business vraagstukken en deze aan de top van de bedrijfswereld te presenteren. Resultaatgedreven, pragmatisch en overtuigingskracht.
  • Bij voorkeur Econometrie, Wiskunde of andere Bèta-opleidingen. De combinatie van bedrijfseconomie of andere sociale wetenschappen met sterke specialisatie in toegepaste statistiek is tevens mogelijk.
  • Een drive om in een startende onderneming mee te bouwen aan vernieuwende marketing intelligence projecten voor topondernemingen.


Wij bieden:

  • Startfunctie Marketing Intelligence Analist. Je werkt op hoogwaardige projecten onder professionele begeleiding en voert voor klanten vernieuwende en impactvolle analyses uit.
  • Een zeer goed startsalaris inclusief auto, telefoon en laptop.
  • Een unieke werkomgeving waarin je ontwikkeling centraal staat. Inclusief een
  • 3-jarige opleiding van MIacademy*. Dit programma, dat zo’n 15% van je werktijd beslaat, leidt je op voor de absolute top in je vakgebied.


Ben je geïnteresseerd?

Kun jij je vinden in bovenstaand profiel en wil je meer weten over onze mogelijkheden voor jou? Vul dan onderstaand formulier in. Wij zien graag je motivatie en CV tegemoet. Indien we een match zien, nodigen we je uit op ons kantoor in Amsterdam voor een kennismakingsgesprek waarin je je motivatie kunt toelichten en alle vragen kunt stellen die je hebt ten aanzien van de baan en mogelijkheden binnen MIcompany.


*Binnen MIacademy leiden we niet alleen onze eigen talenten op, maar ook alle nieuwe analisten van bijvoorbeeld KPN, Van Lanschot Bankiers, ABN AMRO, Aegon, Nuon, Achmea, de Goede Doelen Loterijen en In MIacademy leer je haarscherp het analyseren van klantgegevens van bedrijven, kansen ontdekken en de vaardigheden om je analyses om te zetten in goede adviezen. Dit door de beste MItrainers van Nederland. Exclusief is de stagemogelijkheid binnen MIacademy: door ervaring op te doen bij andere bedrijven ontwikkel je je nog sneller als MItalent.


Application form

Technical Analyst

Inhoud van de functie:

  • Je gaat aan de slag als Technical Analyst binnen ons Technology team.
  • Je werkt in teamverband mee aan analytische oplossingen voor grote klanten van naam en faam (KPN,, De Goede Doelen Loterijen, etc.) in Nederland, waarbij je doorbraken realiseert in het ontsluiten van complexe databestanden.
  • Je genereert en standaardiseert inzichten door het bouwen van rapportages, dashboards en analytische databases.
  • Je werkt samen met onze Business Analysts op zeer hoogwaardige projecten op directieniveau, waarbij jouw input cruciaal is voor het oplossen van complexe vraagstukken.


Wij zoeken:

  • Je hebt hands on ervaring met BI tooling en je hebt de ambitie je daarin verder te ontwikkelen.
  • Je hebt affiniteit met zakelijke dienstverlening.
  • Het BI vakgebied heeft jouw natuurlijke interesse.
  • Je hebt een sterke technologische focus.
  • Je hebt een relevante HBO/WO opleiding afgerond.
  • Je ziet een uitdaging in het werken met grote, complexe datastructuren en bestanden.
  • Je persoonlijkheid kenmerkt zich door gedrevenheid, nauwkeurigheid en passie voor je vak.


Wij bieden:

  • Een uitdagende functie binnen onze hard groeiende Technology Practice die voor de top van het Nederlandse bedrijfsleven werkt.
  • De mogelijkheid tot het volgen van gespecialiseerde trainingen om je tot een Senior BI-professional te ontwikkelen. Bijvoorbeeld door het behalen van MCSE of CBIP certificaten.
  • Je wordt gecoacht door senior professionals en werkt samen met de besten in hun vakgebied.
  • Zeer goede arbeidsvoorwaarden.
  • Een unieke, informele, jonge en hard groeiende werkomgeving.


Ben je geïnteresseerd?

Kun jij je vinden in bovenstaand profiel en wil je meer weten over onze mogelijkheden voor jou? Vul dan onderstaand formulier in. Wij zien graag je motivatie en CV tegemoet. Indien we een match zien, nodigen we je uit op ons kantoor in Amsterdam voor een kennismakingsgesprek waarin je je motivatie kunt toelichten en alle vragen kunt stellen die je hebt ten aanzien van de baan en mogelijkheden binnen MIcompany.


Application form

Student Employee / Trainee

De factoren die MIcompany uniek maken:

  • In de eerste plaats onze positie binnen bedrijven. We hebben 100% van de opdrachten in de afgelopen jaren uitgevoerd voor en/of gepresenteerd aan de ‘board’ van bedrijven.
  • Onze mensen. Soms schrikt het af, maar er werken eenvoudig weg hele bijzondere analytische talenten bij MIcompany (de helft van onze werknemers is cum laude afgestudeerd). Net zo belangrijk is de cultuur van het team. De groep is relatief jong (80% is onder de 30 jaar), heeft een passie voor grote doorbraken en zeer ondernemend wat betreft activiteiten buiten het werk. Wij werken actief met werkstudenten, die ook een volwaardige plek innemen in ons bedrijf.
  • Onze positie uniek vanwege onze eigen opleidingsschool (MIacademy). Binnen MIacademy leiden we niet alleen onze eigen talenten op, maar ook alle nieuwe analisten van KPN, Achmea, Nuon, de Postcodeloterij en de NS. In MIacademy leer je het analyseren van klantgegevens, kansen ontdekken en de vaardigheden om je analyses om te zetten in goede adviezen. Dit door de beste MI-trainers van Nederland.
  • Tenslotte is MIcompany uniek door het innovatieve karakter van haar opdrachten en onderzoek. Zo werken we voor diverse Internet start-ups, waaronder de Internetverzekeraar Inshared en is MIcompany de eerste partij die (voor servicedoeleinden) analyses mag doen op de gegevens van de OV-chipkaart. Ook heeft MIcompany een unieke methodiek ontwikkeld die ons in staat stelt klanten in de tijd te volgen, waardoor het gebruik van slechts statische maandrapportages definitief tot het verleden behoort!



  • Wij zoeken een enthousiaste werkstudenten.
  • Je ondersteunt de consultants bij het bouwen van BI-oplossingen bij grote klanten van naam en faam in Nederland, waarbij je doorbraken realiseert in het ontsluiten van complexe databestanden en het genereren van inzichten standaardiseert door het bouwen van analytische suites.
  • Je ondersteunt bij het maken van krachtige analyses.
  • Je bent derdejaars of masterstudent van een universitair opleiding in een richting als Econometrie, Wiskunde, Informatica, of een andere studie waarbij kwantitatieve analyse centraal staat.
  • Je bent enthousiast, hebt analytische sparkle en bent ambitieus.


Wij bieden:

  • Functie als werkstudent. Je helpt onze consultants op impactvolle projecten. Je wordt gecoacht en begeleid door senior consultants en partners van MIcompany.
  • Je leert in korte tijd jouw opgedane kennis in de praktijk toe te passen.
  • Je krijgt de mogelijkheid om binnen MIcompany door te groeien tot trainee. Dan participeer je direct in trajecten bij de klant, krijg je gespecialeseerde trainingen of de mogelijkheid tot het schrijven van je Masterscriptie bij MIcompany of een van onze klanten.
  • Een unieke, informele, jonge en hard groeiende werkomgeving.
  • Een excellente vergoeding.


Ben je geïnteresseerd?

Heb je naast je analytische talent deze enorme drive, ben je nieuwsgierig en hou je van uitdagingen? Vul dan onderstaand formulier in. Wij zien graag je motivatie en CV tegemoet!


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Intern – part time position

Who are we?

  • MIcompany is the leading European agency in the field of customer analytics. We help market leaders in various industries to create sustainable business impact through utilization of Data Analytics and simultaneaously build the analytical competences of our customers.
  • We work as entrepreneurial experts and create real change for our customer. From our head office, in the center of Amsterdam, we find ourselves every day with 60 young and ambitious colleagues in the arena of Data Analytics and technology.
  • We ask quite a lot of our people. It’s not easy to play at the highest level of the Champions League. Leadership, guts, taking initiative, own responsibility, flexibility and sharing knowledge are concepts that integrate seamlessly with our personality. Of course you never stand alone in this. Cooperation within your team is the key to success, in our opinion.
  • One year ago we opened our second office, in Tel Aviv. From this flourishing office we serve our customers in the Mediterranean region and develop many new business opportunities.


What makes us unique:

  • Position within companies – Our projects have impact on C-level.
  • Impressive talent pool – Sometimes it can be scary, but at MIcompany we have very special analytical talents. All of our employees have a Masters degree and over half of our employees graduated cum laude. The group is young, has a drive to solve complex problems and is very enterprising for activities outside working hours.
  • Own training institute – Within the MIacademy we are not only training our own talents, but also new analysts from market leaders such as ABN Amro, Aegon,, KPN and Innovative techniques to analyze customer data, fact based methodlogies to discover real business opportunities and the right tools to turn the analysis into solid advices are some of the skills which are taught by the best trainers in the profession.
  • Innovative character – We apply new methods from science in the business. For example, we have been nominated for the Global Lillian Marketing Prize in 2016 for our modeling approach in the field of customer experience at the NS. We also help internet start-ups like Knab and InShared and we introduce Data Analytics in new sectors such as the cultural secor and the bicycle industry (among others Gazelle).
  • Entrepreneurial environment – A new office brings daily changing circumstances and exciting developments. Every day is innovative and exciting.


Your role:

  • As a intern you will have an important position within the various project teams. Your input makes a real difference, since you will have your own responsibilities and be involved in business changing projects.
  • You support the local team in building solutions for large national and international customers, in which you’ll realize breakthroughs in accessing complex databases, making powerful analysis and building an impressive presentation to convey good advices.


What we offer:

  • The opportunity to work on high-impact projects in Israel and abroad.
  • You will be coached and supervised by program managers and partners of MIcompany in the field of analytical methods and advisory skills.
  • In a short time you will learn to bring theoretic knowledge into practice.
  • You will get the opportunity to grow within MIcompany to a full-fledged employee.
  • An unique, ambitious, young and fast growing environment where there is room for your input.
  • An excellent remuneration.


Who are you?

  • You are a third-year student or master student in a university education in the direction of Econometrics, Mathematics, Informatics or an other study where quantative analysis is central.
  • You have affinity with Data and you have some experience with modeling in SQL/R.
  • You are enthousiastic, have an analytical sparkle and are ambitious.
  • You speak fluently Hebrew and English (mother tongue is a pro).
  • You are at least 2 days a week available for a minimum period of 3 months.



Have you become curious after reading this vacancy? Did you get many questions and ideas in response to this vacancy? We like to get in touch with you. Approach us via We look forward to receiving your e-mail with your motivation, CV en lists of your grades!


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MIcompany organizes several events to meet analytical talent. For example our regular Meet MIcompany event at our office. We also participate in different national and regional recruitment events. Want to be updated about future events? Sign up via


Do you have any questions about MIcompany, our people or the work that we do? Feel free to contact us at and we can schedule an informal meeting to get to know each other.


Here you find answers to the most frequently asked questions about working at MIcompany. Do you have any other questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us at


What kind of candidates is MIcompany looking for?

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At MIcompany we are interested in young academics. Candidates are analytical, curious, eager to learn and share our passion to solve complex business questions. We are looking for that analytical sparkle!


Which studies are suitable to work at MIcompany?

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We are looking for candidates with a Master’s degree in Econometrics, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science or another quantitative background. For some of our MIacademy partners a Master’s degree in Economics or Social science with a strong focus on Applied Statistics is also suited.


What positions does MIcompany have for starters?

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After graduating you can start your career at MIcompany as a Marketing Intelligence Analyst, Technical Analyst or Junior Technical Analyst. Take a look at our vacancies for more information. Not sure which role fits you best? We are happy to explore the opportunities with you in an interniew. Still in university? Apply for a position as a student employee.


What are the educational opportunities at MIcompany?

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As a MIcompany analyst you will take part in the 3-year Analytical Talentship Program from the MIacademy. This program ensures a kick-start of your career as an analytical advisor. In the fulltime 6-week bootcamp and follow-up modules we will focus on topics like data manipulation, analytical methods & techniques, visualization and advisory skills.


What does the application procedure look like?

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The procedure starts by uploading your CV, grades and motivation in our application form. If your profile fits MIcompany, or one of our MIacademy partners, we will invite you for a competency test at our office. Afterwards two interviews will follow which we use to explore how we potentially fit, what career ambitions you have, any particular talents you wish to use and things you want to work on. The final round of the procedure consists of an external assessment.


Do you need specific knowledge on programming languages?

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Experience with programming is definitely an advantage, but we don’t require specific programming languages. You will learn the necessary skills (e.g. SQL, R and Tableau) during your introduction training, the academy and on the job!


What are the international opportunities at MIcompany?

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Both our consultancy and academy projects have expanded internationally in the past few years. In 2015 we opened a branch in Tel Aviv (Israël) and started a world-wide academy programme. Our ambition is to continue this path and further increase our international portfolio.


Do you hire non-Dutch speaking employees?

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At this moment we don’t hire non-Dutch speaking employees, since the Dutch language is required for most of our current projects. Perhaps this will change in the future since we are growing internationally.


What do you do as a student employee?

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As a student employee you support one or more analysts at their projects. You help them by crunching data, performing analyses and translating insights into a powerful advice. Working as a MIcompany student employee is the perfect opportunity to discover how life looks like as a data analyst. Are you a student in the final phase of your bachelor or master and available for two or more days a week? Apply for the perfect job in combination with your quantitative study.


Is it possible to do an internship or write my thesis at MIcompany?

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We don’t have separate internship possibilities. If you have worked as a student employee for a while, you can discuss the possibilities for a full time internship and/or writing your thesis.


MIcompany has built deep knowledge around a number of specific fields of expertise derived from a combination of our experience in numerous projects as well as our top level research activities. Four of our seven areas of expertise are described in more depth below. Descriptions are coming soon for our other areas of expertise: Customer Based Forecasting, Save Desks and Online Matching.

Loyalty management


Increasing retention as a growth strategy
Many companies lose more customers than they should. So increasing the retention rate of the customer base can be an important growth strategy. This is a strategy that also has a sustainable component: a company that manages to retain more of its customers doesn’t have to acquire so many new ones in the future. At MIcompany, we believe it’s possible to reduce churn by 25% or more through a balanced loyalty approach.

MIcompany has unique loyalty knowledge & experience
MIcompany has distilled a loyalty diagnostic approach from our best practice assignments; an approach that can be used to both seize top-down loyalty opportunities and identify bottom-up opportunities to decrease churn. This approach is based on unique scientific research from MIcompany. The research concerned the effectiveness of loyalty programmes, the drivers for customer loyalty, and those moments in the customer lifecycle when increasing retention is either easy or not. This research resulted in a national best-selling book about Customer Loyalty and a number of internationally published articles. Major findings from the research included the fact that the opportunity to increase retention is dependent on the customer lifecycle stage, and that particular retention opportunities do arise, especially in the beginning and at the end of the customer lifecycle.

Loyalty Lifecycle Management (LLM)
Our approach is based on the customer lifecycle. Within this cycle we identify opportunities to increase retention and thereby the average lifetime of customers. We first build a very detailed view of the customer. This enables the project team to apply diagnostics to different stages of the customer lifecycle, for example to all new customers or all customers a year after a marketing campaign. Opportunities are then seized and translated into initiatives. In addition to these initiatives, we will also design the capabilities needed within the organisation to implement the initiatives and sustain a lifecycle management approach.

Developing Loyalty – Available Publications

  • Sustainable value creation for lotteries with loyalty analytics, MIcompany business case. You can read this article here.
  • Customer intimacy and commitment to relationship with firms in five different sectors: Preliminary evidence, Scientific lead article in JRCS Q3 2011. Ask more information here.
  • A comparison of Customer Commitment in Five Sector using the Psychological Investment Model, Scientific lead article in JRM Q1 2010. Ask more information here.
  • The application of psychological theories for an improved understanding of customer relationships, PHD Thesis 2010. Order your free copy here.
  • Klantenloyaliteit over ongelijke behandeling in het digitale tijdperk, Dutch best selling management book. Buy your copy here.


Customer based pricing


Pricing is the most important marketing “P”. But we need customer insights to leverage its full potential
Pricing is a very powerful tool that can influence revenues immediately. Having a good pricing strategy allows a company to grow its profits while maintaining, or even increasing, customer satisfaction. But for many companies, executing top-level pricing is a difficult art, and for various reasons, their pricing strategy often leaves room for improvement.

Extensive pricing experience based on customer insights
At MIcompany, we believe that developing a customer-based pricing strategy is a key growth opportunity for any company. Over the years, we have gathered extensive knowledge about pricing based on customer insights, and have had a critical role in several pricing projects. By analysing customer behaviour and customer lifetime value for different clients, the discrepancies between price level and customer risk can be revealed, thus creating significant growth opportunities.

Important results include changing the discount levels for sales channels, creating a customer-value based offer matrix for inbound retention, and changing the price strategy for identified, loss-making customer segments. On a larger scale, MIcompany has helped a customer by introducing a new product portfolio according to their needs-based segmentation. Along with a detailed migration strategy, this increased revenues while maintaining the current level of customer satisfaction.

Customer-based pricing
Combining best practices on pricing, MIcompany has developed a unique data-driven approach to pricing called “customer-based pricing”. This approach is based on placing products in the market that match customer needs, at a price level that optimises both profit and customer satisfaction.

Based on elasticity modelling and market research, a detailed customer view provides information on the most important price dimensions. So, for those customer segments with distinctive needs, the effect of changing existing products or adding new products can be calculated.

MIcompany’s approach is unique because the customer’s need segments can be identified in the clients’ customer database. Customer-based pricing allows companies to make a fact-based decision on pricing and at the same time have the practical means to implement and follow the effects at customer level.

Customer-based pricing publications from MIcompany

  • Customer-based pricing intelligence enables the successful introduction of a new product portfolio for the NS (Dutch Railways), MIcompany business case.



Maximising the full potential of sports marketing investments
Many decisions about sports marketing are still made without appropriate quantitative reasoning. And for some companies, it is often not exactly clear how sports marketing, or sponsorship, contributes to their marketing and sales objectives. As a result, sports marketing opportunities are not used to their full potential. But by measuring the ROI of sports marketing, and managing the sponsorship based on business value, more leverage can be created around the investments in sponsorship contracts and sponsorship activation.

Combining scientific research with commercial analytics to measure the ROI of sports marketing

MIsportscompany uses proven scientific research to determine how sports marketing creates value for a customer and how this generates value for an organisation. Combined with a broad experience of sports organisations, developing business strategies and our extensive expertise in commercial analytics, we can then calculate the effects and future potential of sports marketing on customer value, brand equity and sales value.

MIsports ROI model

Our approach is based on the MIsports ROI model. This is determined by three key elements:

  • the value drivers of sports marketing as determined by scientific research
  • the customer value model
  • the commercial objectives and value drivers of the customer’s company

These three elements enable us to develop a company-specific ROI model which provides insights into the current effects of sports marketing, and even more importantly, into the biggest opportunities for increasing value in the future. Using the model gives a clear focus for executing the sports marketing strategy. It also provides in-depth insights to help determine and negotiate the sponsorship rights which will contribute the most value for the company.

Sports marketing publications

Digital Analytics


Recent digital trends have created an explosion of data that is enabling companies to gain better insights into, and personalise interaction with, their customers.

1. Every two years, the amount of data worldwide doubles and more information is continuously becoming available on the web. Utilising big data to its full extent is probably the greatest digital and analytical challenge of the coming decade.

2. More contact identification options create greater customer personalisation opportunities. However, there are various limitations, both legally and with regard to customer privacy expectations.

Our proposition: MIcompany uses its digital customer-analytics expertise to support its clients in creating growth. Firstly, we focus on distilling strategic customer insights from the huge amount of online data sources. Secondly, we support companies in better managing the personalisation of their customer interaction (while respecting customer privacy expectations).

1. Our approach starts with a top down diagnostic of various online data sources that reveals new insights for consumer strategies. For instance, we:

  • derive consumer experience insights from social sentiment analytics.
  • integrate web statistics with consumer databases to derive the highest value creation opportunities.
  • diagnose online and multichannel conversion funnels in relation to competition and traditional off-line funnels.

2. We then follow this up by changing consumer strategies, often kick-starting these strategies through to implementation. For instance, we specialise in sophisticated matching algorithms, derive critical online KPI’s that require business steering, predict what products consumers are interested in, and identify funnel conversion opportunities that generate the highest ROI.

Digital Analytics publications from MIcompany

  • Worldwide growth through online analytics, MIcompany business case. You can read this article here.
  • Kaushik, A. (2009). Web Analytics 2.0: The Art of Online Accountability and Science of Customer Centricity.
  • Sterne, J. (2009). Social Media Metrics: How to Measure and Optimize Your Marketing Investment.
  • May, T.A. (2009). The New Know: Innovation Powered by Analytics.
  • Brennan, J.E. (2010). The Future of Analytics: the trends, the implications, and who will lead.


Puzzalytics is MIcompany’s very own puzzle line. So far we’ve made two puzzle books and every week new puzzles are placed in the newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad.


Beside a fun and useful way to pass the time, we hope Puzzalytics will increase the enthusiasm for solving problems in a systematic way. Of course it can be helpful for new applicants to practice with all the puzzles which are rated five stars or more.

About Puzzalytics

More than two years ago MIcompany decided to offer their business contacts something to do during the summer holidays. In a brainstorm within our MIacademy we decided to make a little book with both hard and simple mathematical puzzles, to challenge our clients and other contacts to stimulate their analytical thinking during the summer break. However, we were very doubtful this would make a lot of impact. Apart from us, who really enjoys dissecting these analytical challenges?


Very shortly after the first version of Puzzalytics arrived in people’s mail boxes, we were surprised to see that our own scepticism was unjust. From a great portion of our business contacts we received e-mails and phone calls showing how much they actually did enjoy solving puzzles. Some went as far as to call us from their holiday locations to express their doubts about the solutions of some puzzles, only to text us a little later to say that they did understand it after some more critical thinking.


After two years, most of the receivers have worked their way through Puzzalytics and were demanding a brand new version. Once again, all employees of MIcompany designed at least one puzzle. The result is another set of nearly 100 puzzles, ranging from simple challenges for the youngest talents (below 5 years of age), to the hardest challenges that even the smartest people will have some trouble solving.

Examples of puzzles

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


Three cowboys (The Good, The Bad and The Ugly) are all after the same treasure. They decide to have a gunfight. Everyone can take turns (in a randomly pre-determined order) firing their gun. This continues until there is one winner left alive. The Good and The Bad are both flawless shots and always fatally hit the person they aim for. The Ugly can’t shoot quite as well as the other two: whenever he shoots, there is a 50/50 chance that he hits and kills his target. All cowboys know these chances and are mathematically gifted: they will always decide their strategy (i.e. who to aim for) in such a way that their chances of winning are maximized. In case it makes no difference for a cowboy who he aims at, he will decide this at random.


What are The Ugly’s chances of winning the fight?







On a table lie 127 chips. All chips have one white and one blue side. 40 of the 127 chips are lying with their blue side facing up. You are challenged to divide the 127 chips into two groups with an equal number of blue side up chips in both groups. A minor detail of the challenge is that you will be blindfolded! You are allowed to move the chips and/or turn them around, but you can’t see or feel the color of the chips.


Can you manage to create two groups with the same number of blue chips?


Ps. After you put on your blindfold, the chips will be shuffled (keeping 40 chips blue), so it is impossible to remember where the 40 blue chips are on the table.







The MIcompany rooftop terrace is home to a large barbecue that can hold 20 pieces of meat in a row. The barbecue committee has bought a large supply of hamburgers and pork roasts. For the best results, one should never place two pork roasts next to each other: the fat dripping off these roasts overheats the coals underneath. Therefore a pork roast should always lie in between two hamburgers (or between a hamburger and the edge of the barbecue).


How many different ways are there to completely fill the barbecue (meaning 20 pieces of meat in a row, meeting the requirements above)?


The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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5/12, or approximately 42%. The Good and The Bad each have a winning chance of 7/24, or 29%.


Call the three cowboys G (Good), B (Bad) and U (Ugly). There are 6 equally likely orders that the fight can take place in:
1. G 2. B 3. U
1. G 2. U 3. B
1. B 2. G 3. U
1. B 2. U 3. G
1. U 2. G 3. B
1. U 2. B 3. G


If G can start, he will always shoot B. If he doesn’t, B is up next and he will always aim for G. Conversely, if B can start he will always shoot G. Next up is U, who has a 50% chance of delivering the winning blow. If U misses, he will certainly lose. In these scenarios, each person’s winning chances are:
1. G (50%) 2. B (0%) 3. U (50%)
1. G (50%) 2. U (50%) 3. B (0%)
1. B (50%) 2. G (0%) 3. U (50%)
1. B (50%) 2. U (50%) 3. G (0%)
1. U 2. G 3. B
1. U 2. B 3. G


In the order UGB it makes no difference for U who he aims for: if he misses, G will shoot B; if he hits (either G or B), the other remaining cowboy will shoot U. This gives us 4 equally likely cases:
– U shoots for G and misses:
G then shoots B, after which U has a 50% chance of winning. Each person’s winning chances: U 50%, G 50%, B 0%.
– U shoots for B and misses:
B then shoots G, after which U has a 50% chance of winning. Each person’s winning chances: U 50%, G 50%, B 0%.
– U shoots for G and hits:
B then shoots U. Winning chances: U 0%, G 0%, B 100%.
– U shoots for B and hits:
G then shoots U. Winning chances: U 0%, G 100%, B 0%.


On average, scenario UGB yields:
1. G (50%) 2. B (0%) 3. U (50%)
1. G (50%) 2. U (50%) 3. B (0%)
1. B (50%) 2. G (0%) 3. U (50%)
1. B (50%) 2. U (50%) 3. G (0%)
1. U (25%) 2. G (50%) 3. B (25%)
1. U 2. B 3. G


Seeing as G and B are equally skilled, we automatically obtain for scenario UBG:
1. G (50%) 2. B (0%) 3. U (50%)
1. G (50%) 2. U (50%) 3. B (0%)
1. B (50%) 2. G (0%) 3. U (50%)
1. B (50%) 2. U (50%) 3. G (0%)
1. U (25%) 2. G (50%) 3. B (25%)
1. U (25%) 2. B (50%) 3. G (25%)


Averaging over all 6 scenarios, we can calculate each person’s winning chances as:
G: (50% + 50% + 0% + 0% + 50% + 25%)/6 = 7/24 ≈ 29%
B: (0% + 0% + 50% + 50% + 25% + 50%)/6 = 7/24 ≈ 29%
U: (50% + 50% + 50% + 50% + 25% + 25%)/6 = 5/12 ≈ 42%





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  1. Take 40 chips and call this group 1.
    Since you are blindfolded, you don’t know how much chips have their blue side up. Let’s call this unknown number X. In the other group, there will be 40 – X chips with their blue side up.
  2. Turn around all the fiches in group 1.
    The X blue chips will turn into white chips, and the 40 – X white chips will become blue.


With this approach, there will be 40 – X chips with their blue side up in both groups.





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17711 ways.


Suppose we had a very small barbecue that can only hold 1 piece of meat. In that case we have 2 ways to fill the barbecue: a hamburger or a pork roast.


Now suppose the barbecue has room for 2 pieces of meat. In that case we have 3 possibilities: hamburger – pork roast; pork roast – hamburger and hamburger – hamburger.


Next, suppose we have a barbecue with x spots, where x is a positive integer. Call N(x) the number of ways to fill the barbecue, given that it has room for x pieces of meat. Above we showed that N(1)=2 and N(2)=3.


Now we look at the last spot on the barbecue, spot x. Assume x>2. Here we have 2 possibilities:

  1. We put a hamburger here. This is always allowed, regardless of which type of meat we put on spots 1 through x-1. This accounts for N(x-1) possibilities, by definition.
  2. We put a pork roast here. This is only possible if a hamburger lies in spot x-1. This leaves N(x-2) to fill the other spots, following the logic of point 1.


We conclude that N(x)=N(x-1)+N(x-2) for all integers x>2.


Using N(1)=2 and N(2)=3, we quickly see that N(3)=N(2)+N(1)=3+2=5, N(4)=N(3)+N(2)=5+3=8 and so on. Repeating this calculation we eventually find N(20)=N(19)+N(18)=10946+6765=17711.

Place your order for the second edition (€ 7,95)